VS Code Snippets Extension

VS Code Snippets Extension

Make the development with Neptune CSS even easier

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What is a snippet extension?

A snippet extension is like a plugin for VS Code. You will get suggested code fragments while you are writing it. It is like a shortcut for coding.

You can get VS Code extensions on the VS Code Marketplace for free. Just download them and you can start developing even faster.

Install Neptune Snippets

You can install Neptune CSS Snippets in the marketplace or as NPM package as well.

Start with an example page

To start with an example page just type


Hit `Enter` and you get the boilerplate code for a simple Neptune CSS project page.

To add the CDN links use





To use the Neptune Snippets for CSS beginn to type neptune-. If you want to use it for JavaScript type only nep- . You can find all commands in the Snippets Documentation.

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